How To?

I started my career as a photographer during my junior year of high school in 2013. I had no formal education in photography and film making. As a matter of fact, I studied Aeronautical Science, a fancy way of saying flying airplanes. Little did I know that a single google search that made me fall in love with photography, and editing video games footage, would not only help me create a business that made me happy, but also change I approached my many other passions in life.




How To?

I get it friends, there are some days where it fees like you are just going through the motions. You constantly ask yourself, “Am I really cut out for this?” Doubt, fear, and anxiety start to creep in while you contemplate all the what ifs. I’ve been there myself: the fear of failing publicly when […]

Holland State Park Modeling Session

It’s no secret that modeling is a tough industry to crack into. But what if there was a way you could start working on the dream even if you haven’t had that big break yet? I’ve worked with a few models over the past two years, and I’m here to expose to you some of […]

I say it all the time: I’m the single friend that’s always giving bomb relationship advice. No doubt, I had good role models growing up, in addition to a lot of friends with relationship issues. Needless to say, over the years, I’ve learned a lot about love. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s […]

How to keep your love strong
Should You Use lightroom presets and photoshop actions on your photos by Sidney Baker-Green Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer

She wrote me, ” Sidney, I am new and absolutely lost. I am wondering if I should use Lightroom presets or not? The internet is telling me so many different things, and I don’t know what to do”   I know the feeling. As great as the internet is, when you google a question, chances […]

It’s that time weird time of the year where we reflect: reflect on all the things we were proud to accomplish, and all the things we… well, didn’t accomplish. This often leads to us making some new promises to our selves: New Years Resolutions. The new year ushers in this feeling of excitement. A clean […]

So here you are, you’ve decided to pursue the passion your heart loves the most: perhaps a goal or a business idea. You’ve done all your base work, you’re dedicated, you show up everyday and put in work… but things are stagnant. You feel as if you’ve failed. Maybe even pedaling backwards. You feel as […]

1. Things won’t always go as planned… And that’s okay: have your goals, but allow the path you take to change as needed. This wonderful piece of advice came from my flight instructor when her disgruntled student was struggling with landings. I was hard on myself. The frustration set in, which caused me to perform […]

Congratulations on being newly engaged! The process of planning a wedding can be so much fun & exciting when done right. But in todays society we face a new challenge: picking the creatives to help plan the wedding of our dreams. Today we are going to be talking specifically about picking wedding photographer. In such […]