Don’t Quit: Set Goals | Daytona Beach Wedding Photographer

April 12, 2018

I get it friends, there are some days where it fees like you are just going through the motions. You constantly ask yourself, “Am I really cut out for this?” Doubt, fear, and anxiety start to creep in while you contemplate all the what ifs. I’ve been there myself: the fear of failing publicly when launching a new project, and even the fear of coming off as an “imposter”. So with all these emotions running through your head like a river leading to a sea of feelings, I say to you DON’T QUIT! Set Goals.

Here’s the the thing, life is not meant to be lived in a comfort zone. Growing happens when we push ourselves past comfort into a new experience. Failure does not mean that you are a failure, failure is an opportunity to examine what happened, learn from the situation, and create a new plan of action so that the same mistakes aren’t repeated. The people that you look up to have experienced failure in some way; however, they got to where they wanted to be because they chose to learn from those failures and use them to grow!

Don’t Quit | Set Goals & Eliminate Expectations:

So how do you go forward and manage these emotions you ask? The answer is simple: set process goals (things you can do everyday while the inbox has no new inquires, and while there are no new opportunities knocking at the door.) Often times, we get down because we feel stagnate, but that feeling doesn’t mean you won’t make it, and it’s best to use that time to do something that furthers your goal. We often times set expectations like, “I must shoot 5 sessions a month.” or “I have to make X amount a month.” Instead, you should be setting a process of things you can do to accomplish that. “I will create a newsletter that will generate more clients a month.” & “I will find ways to cut my cost & maximize my profitability” are great process goal replacements for those expectations. The expectations are things we cannot control; and, if we don’t meet those expectations, then we start to feel like a failure. In turn, this hinders not only our mental game, but our confidence as well.

You set out on this adventure so that you could live a happy life full of opportunity! So when opportunity isn’t falling into your lap, that isn’t an excuse to give up my friend! Instead, continue to do things that will lead you to your end goal in mind!

Daily Steps You Can Take To Keep The End Goal In Mind:

  1. Wake up every morning and read your goals to yourself.
  2. Work on one of those goals an hour a day.
  3. Notice when expectations arise, and eliminate them from your mind.
  4. Track and assess your progress monthly and switch it up if what you’re doing is not working!