How To Select A Wedding Photographer

June 6, 2016

How To Select A Wedding Photographer

Congratulations on being newly engaged! The process of planning a wedding can be so much fun & exciting when done right. But in todays society we face a new challenge: picking the creatives to help plan the wedding of our dreams. Today we are going to be talking specifically about picking wedding photographer.

In such a saturated field it can be overwhelming when you do your search for a wedding photographer. So I have made a list of # tips and tricks to help kick start this process so you can spend less time searching for a photographer and more time enjoying cocktails and spending time with friends and family.

1. Pick a Style That Fits You.

Not all photographers are created equally believe it or not. Sure we have a creative vision that drives us, and a field that we love; however, we are all uniquely different in some way. I, for example, am a lifestyle photographer with a love for photojournalism. I like capturing authentic moments of  the happiness, the joy, and the love that come with a wedding day. My love for natural light and editorial fashion allows me to create a unique modern style with natural moments and a few artistically posed photos. This gives my brides and grooms a diverse portfolio they can love forever.

If you love natural moments then it wouldn’t be a wise choice to hire a photographer who has a traditional portrait style (your parents wedding album) as a lot of them images you receive will be posed. And if you like traditional wedding photography it would be wise to hire a wedding photojournalist like myself. You wouldn’t hire Beyonce and expect her to perform like Adel would you? Choose creatives that have styles similar to yours and you will be the happiest with your photos.


2. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.

The first meeting that you have with your photographer is your best opportunity to let them know what YOU want. Us creatives, we love making ideas come to life. So when you let us know the ideas you have as far as shots you want, the types of photos (details, portraits, family, etc )  you love and inspired you up until the point you were engaged, or any other ideas that you want, it allows us to work together and collectively to turn this vision into reality, leaving your wedding day nothing less than stellar. A must have shot list is a great way to make sure the photos you really want are captured.

3. Personality

This one is huge for me. Growing up with very few friends I wanted to create an experience for my clients that goes beyond photography. I wanted to become friends with the people I worked with, and curate friendships that could transcend time. When you pick a photographer, make sure it’s someone that you feel comfortable around. Almost as if they are a friend. When you do that, you have someone who is like minded like you. They have a sense of what you already want with having to ask and bother you on your special day, but most importantly, it allows you to feel comfortable talking to that person. Theres nothing more nerve wrecking than awkwardness or not quite knowing how to ask for what you want. A personality you can relate to solves a lot of those issues!


4. Delivery of the images

We live in a digital age where its a simple as emailing, texting, drop boxing photos, etc. But, there are those of us who want something more… something tangible that we can hold onto forever. The way you photographer delivers the images and the speed at which they deliver images is key. My clients are all given a slideshow of their images through social media the next day. YES I SAID THE NEXT DAY! Why? Because we live in a world of NOW. No one wants to wait and I get that. So the slideshow is a simple gesture to allow my brides and grooms to have something the next day when emotions are still fresh. Either the same day or the next day depending on time I commit to giving my brides and grooms images digitally. And the final step in my delivery process is Album Delivery. I want my bride and grooms to have something they can hold onto and cherish for days to come. It’s easy for photos to get lost on Facebook or for a cd to break, but an album… and album can be passed down from generation to generation. An album can transcend time. It’s here to stay baby!


I hope you found these tips and tricks helpful!

Live. Love. Laugh, and Stay Fabulous