I started my career as a photographer during my junior year of high school in 2013. I had no formal education in photography and film making. As a matter of fact, I studied Aeronautical Science, a fancy way of saying flying airplanes. Little did I know that a single google search that made me fall in love with photography, and editing video games footage, would not only help me create a business that made me happy, but also change I approached my many other passions in life.





Over the past few years as a portrait photographer serving the Grand Rapids area, and shooting world wide for that matter, I have been pretty ridged in my editing style. When I came into the industry, my fellow grand rapids photographers always stressed the importance of “having a style.” Because I was new, these photographers […]

I remember when I first met Jasmin: when she introduced herself, she said she was going to be a Disney princess. Most people laughed and kinda scoffed it off as if it would never happen. Fast forward four years and she is, you guessed it, a Disney princess. What really stands out about Jasmin is […]

It’s no secret that modeling is a tough industry to crack into. But what if there was a way you could start working on the dream even if you haven’t had that big break yet? I’ve worked with a few models over the past two years, and I’m here to expose to you some of […]

Holland State Park Modeling Session

Marti & Daryl celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a photo session. They met as young adults at the gym. Marti was the cardio girl, and Daryl liked to pump iron. Being new to weightlifting, Daryl taught Marti how to lift weights. About 25 years, a house, and 3 kids later, they have reached the […]

Grand Rapids modeling photographer chronicles: Austin and I did two parts to his modeling session, the first part was in downtown grand rapids, and can be found here. Additionally, we also created some magic on the beach at Holland State Park. We were both inspired by Calvin Klein for this portion of the shoot. Both […]

Grand Rapids senior photo by Sidney Baker-Green
Michigan Modeling Portfolio photo by Sidney Baker-Green

A year ago, I photographed Austin for his senior photos. During his session, he talked about how he wanted to be a model. I encouraged him to chase those dreams. The only way you will find out if you’re capable of doing it is to simply try. Thankfully, Austin is finding the courage each and […]

Brittany and I met when I was photographing her sisters wedding. Her sisters wedding was my first wedding! She had recently married just a few weeks before her sister took her vows. Studying anesthesiology at the University of Michigan kept Brittany pretty busy. However, once her and Alex graduated, they decided it was best to […]

Kirk Park maternity photo by sidney baker-green
Aislynn Looking Flawless

I put an ad out on Facebook letting people know I was doing a photography give away for couples in Grand Rapids, MI. That’s when one of my great high school friends asked me if I would do her maternity photos. Now I was a little nervous, I mean, yes, I am a portrait photographer, […]

Cameron is a firm believer that insecurities are a waste of time. He want’s to be remembered for helping others in any way he can, in addition to his activism/beliefs. His dream job is to be a surgeon and a doctor without borders. He don’t care about others opinions of himself, because the only opinion […]

I’ve known Antonio since he was a freshmen in high school, and I was a senior. I remember him, along with all his other classmates, walking around the new jungle we’ve come to know as high school (during that time in our lives at least). He has grown so much since his freshmen year. We […]