Disney Boardwalk Couples Session: Rayna & Anthony – Orlando Florida Wedding Photographer

May 14, 2016

Disney Boardwalk Couples Session: Rayna & Anthony – Orlando Florida Wedding Photographer

It was a normal Friday night for Rayna. She was prepared to start another season of Friends on Netflix, snuggle close with a blanket, and let the stress of the day melt away. Her best friend however had other plans for her. Like any (good) best friend would, she infiltrated Rayna’s room and made sure she was coming to the first party of their freshmen year. Rayna knew there escaping her best friends persuasive ways, so she gave in, threw on something that said I care, and proceeded out the door.

The smell of beer and of poorly ratio’ed drinks filled Rayna’s nose as she walked into the house. She could only think about the precious time she was missing with Netflix and her blanket, but there was no changing the fact that she was here so she continued into the crowed of people. As she made her way through the small crowed, Anthony spotted her from a distance. Her smile caught his eye and his focused forever shifted for the night.

After countless minutes of trying to find a place to sit, Rayna lands a spot on a couch in a tiny¬†. Seconds later Anthony comes and sits next to her. After a moment of awkward silence, Anthony leans over to Rayna and said, “I think you’re really pretty.” She looked Anthony in the eye, replied thanks, and tipped the water in his hand all over his shirt. She stood up walked out of the house, ordered an uber and went back to campus.

Little did she know fate had a different plan. A few days later, Rayna stepped out of her room to find Anthony sitting on the floor with some of his friends. They unknowing lived next to each other in the same dormitory. She apologized for her actions that night, and a conversation began. They talked till 2 am that day. What started out as a rather rocky first impression turned into something beautiful.


Rayna opted for a teal polkadot dress that screamed spring!

The smell of funnel cake was in the air as Anthony pulled Rayna close.

Light poured into this cute little canopy that had a view of the river. One of things I love about the Disney Boardwalk is the variety of discreet areas.


Anthony was rocking a pair of black leather boots Rayna got for him as a gift.


Did I mention the there’s is also a beach?!


These guys are goals hands down.


They are so natural and comfortable around each other, you can’t help but smile when you are around them.



I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.”


This photo sums it all up. Love and caring, with just a dash of Sass.