3 Life Hacks for The Not So Morning Person

May 9, 2016

3 Life Hacks for The Not So Morning Person

You’re alarm goes off… the constant blaring of your favorite song, annoying noise, or ironically, something very peaceful is now the epitome of the sounds you despise in the morning. Let’s keep it real. We are not all morning people (and we sure don’t all wake up happy every morning despite what your social media feed might say). And as much as I would love to be the person who wakes up with a smile on their face and heads off to the gym with the energy of a puppy who is playing with their favorite toy, I have come to accept the fact that I am grumpy cat who hates anything and everything before 10am and my first second cup of coffee.

But for some reason people are brave enough to ignore my resting I hate morning face and strike up conversation. So I have had developed 3 ways to get arrested every  morning.



Mother nature was looking out for us “not so morning people” when she created the coffee bean. From pour over, to espresso, all the way down to french press there are tons of ways to make this divine drink that will insure you don’t have to pay out of pocket for bail money.

Back to my Barista days when I worked at starbucks.

Back to my Barista days when I worked at Starbucks.



There’s something about rocking out to my favorite song that just make’s me happy in general. Music has this unexplainable affect on people like us. We can’t quite explain it. So when you find yourself waking up on the wrong side of the bed, throw on your favorite tunes and rock out!

Music + Coffee = Smile . (Math can be fun, sometimes.)

Music + Coffee = Smile . (Math can be fun, sometimes.)

Wash Your Face

For me the worst part of the morning is the sluggish feeling. The Most refreshing thing in the morning and even throughout the day is a warm wash cloth to the face. Clean pours and feel better at the same time.


Although these tips may seem common sense following them religiously, for me, has helped make my mornings a lot better. However, until the earth as 8 moons (and some magical planetary alignment happens), I will still be the angry old man from UP in the morning. ????????


Live. Love. Laugh.







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