Creative Gladiator | Marti Hitching | Grand Rapids Photographer | Peoples Person

February 2, 2017

Creative Gladiator | Marti Hitching | Grand Rapids Photographer | Peoples Person

Marti and I date back to 12 hour long diving meets fueled by her amazing caramel corn! Her daughter (Morgan) and I were divers back when I first started. Even when I switched teams, Morgan and I still hung out and ate the delicious treat. We were and still are friends to this day.

She took a leap of faith

It was back at that time Marti was starting photography. She would take photos of Morgan and I at meets, as well as the other children in sports. A few years later, Marti transitioned from shooting just sports, to also shooting people, couples, landscapes, familes, and seniors, hoping to take on weddings next.¬†Marti is a peoples person to say the least. Her warm loving heart allows her to strike up a conversation with anyone with ease. Her smile will lift the saddest mood of any room, and she’s just a downright awesome person to be around.

My photography experience with her was amazing. She’s actually the first photographer that has taken photos of me that I like. She captured me for who I was, and we talked for hours. She was able to convince me to get up at 8am on a Saturday, which is an absolute first on the days I didn’t have to work. We shared our love for coffee at a little place in Grand Rapids, Michigan: Palatte Coffee and Art. We talked creative goals, and how she could target her ideal client through social media. In addition her goals as a photographer & life, and how she attain those goals, and turn them into reality.

Marti can be found, Via Facebook and Instagram

Marti, you’re a gladiator. You’ve taken a leap of faith with becoming a photographer, and putting yourself out there! In moments of adversity, whether it be finding time to just shoot with you camera, and juggling a big family, or simply getting lost on this creative path, stay true to who you are, keep finding ways to make things happen, and remember you always have a friend you can grab coffee with :).






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