I started my career as a photographer during my junior year of high school in 2013. I had no formal education in photography and film making. As a matter of fact, I studied Aeronautical Science, a fancy way of saying flying airplanes. Little did I know that a single google search that made me fall in love with photography, and editing video games footage, would not only help me create a business that made me happy, but also change I approached my many other passions in life.





If you’re aiming to capture cinematic footage with your Nikon Z8, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve transitioned from the Nikon Z9 to the Z8, and through extensive use, I’ve discovered the optimal settings and techniques to achieve the best video quality. Below, I’ll share my insights and practical tips to help you get […]

The filmmaking industry is often divided into teams—Team Canon, Team Sony, Team Nikon, Team Windows, Team Apple, Team Premiere Pro, Team Final Cut Pro, and Team Da Vinci Resolve. Each of these has its strengths and dedicated followers. Today, we’re shifting gears from our usual Da Vinci Resolve content to focus on Premiere Pro, specifically […]

Understanding and Avoiding Blue Channel Clipping in Nikon RAW Footage with DaVinci Resolve When working with Nikon RAW footage in DaVinci Resolve, one issue that can arise is blue channel clipping. This problem, while often overlooked, can significantly impact the quality of your final output, especially when dealing with footage that includes intense blue lighting […]

I had the privilege of being the very first outside individual to test out the new DZO Arles Prime Lens set. The DZOFILM reps let me borrow the lenses during the down time of the NAB trade show in exchange for sample footage, and when I returned the lenses, they let me know this was […]

DZOFILM Arles Prime Lens on the Nikon Z8

The Current Drama In The YouTube Camera Community Honestly, I was living under a rock the past couple of days and had no idea that all of this camera review drama was going down over the Panasonic Lumix S9. However, if I am being honest, I can’t really say I am surprised. There has been […]

Not gonna lie, friends, I’m writing this from my luxurious suite overlooking the glittering lights of Las Vegas. Here I am, attending the NAB Show 2023 – a prominent industry event for broadcasting professionals – and I’m loving every minute of it. I’m traveling for work, meeting fascinating people, and even indulging in some first-class […]

United Polaris Suite on a 787-10

I recently received a heartfelt letter from a couple struggling with the challenges of planning their dream destination wedding while navigating family expectations. Here’s the letter they shared with me: “Dear Sidney, My fiancé and I are currently planning our destination wedding. Our hearts have been set on Maui, HI. We love the luxury of […]

As a creative entrepreneur and content creator, I often pour my heart and soul into my work, sharing it with the world in hopes of inspiring, educating, and connecting with others. However, the digital landscape can sometimes feel like a breeding ground for negativity, with people thinking it’s okay to leave rude comments under my […]

LG C1 OLED Review: Is it Worth the Investment for Color Grading and More? If you’re looking for a TV that can handle color grading, gaming, and content consumption, the LG C1 OLED TV is a great option. As a cinematographer and colorist, I purchased the C1 specifically for color grading work, but have been […]

Photo of the LG C1 in a modern living room

The History of ProRes Raw & DaVinci Resolve In 2018, Apple introduced ProRes Raw to to the market. Apple designed ProRes Raw as a raw option that encompasses the flexibility of raw and the performance of ProRes. Since then, every major NLE has offered support for the raw codec; however, the most widley available color […]