Begin Again.

April 1, 2016

Begin Again.

Over the past few months I’ve been lost. I’d lost drive and passion for the things that I put a smile on my face. I found myself constantly thinking “X amount of hour until I get to see my bed.” Only to find myself staring at the inside of my eyelids as my heart’s desires and rational thinking went head to head on the battlefield.

After being fed up with the path I was on I decided it was time to enact some changes.

I’ve noticed that a lot of us have a tendency to dismiss our hopes and dreams simply because they seem to big. They seem unrealistic. I find that often times we don’t doubt our abilities but rather the possibility of being happy.


So I tested my theory out.


I started to think on a more positive spectrum. I noticed that I started to perform a little bit better. I started seeing progress in my goals which inspired me to work harder each opportunity I came by.

It was at that moment when I made the decision to follow my heart on wherever life takes me. Stop stressing about the little things and do whatever makes you happy.


I guess the point of the post is to remember to always keep fighting when you’re down. Never give up. It’s so cliche– I know. It’s time we stop undervaluing ourselves. It’s time we that we rekindle that inspiration and drive we had when we were little kids.


I haven’t quite figured out what these realizations mean in regard to my life; but, I know the only place from here is up.


It’s okay to be lost. You can always be found.


Here’s to New Beginnings and believing in happiness.

Shine On.