Happiness without bounds

April 2, 2016

Happiness without bounds

We all have our own battles. We all struggle on some level with our selves. We often tend to internalize our problems which sometimes can lead to a lack of communication and understanding from another persons perspective. This is the route cause of major family arguments.

The problem is when we lose sight of what’s important: sticking together.

I’ll admit I’ve wanted to give up. I have been scared of the looming unknown. It affected every single aspect of my life including friends and family. Despite being such a strong person, I too am human.

I have many mottos that I have chosen to live by, but there is one in particular that has defined my life: “As we hit our lowest point we are open to the greatest change”

It’s important to remember that no matter what is said, no matter how bad it was, it’s never to late to make it better. After hitting my most recent low point, I decided to practice expressing my emotions a little bit better.

Let your friend and family know you love them no matter what: Often times we tend to focus so much on the negative things happening that we forget to express the most important thing.

Apologize: If you’re prideful like me this is the most important. We aren’t always right. It’s important to understand that it’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay for things not to go as planned, and most importantly, it’s okay to be afraid of not knowing the unknown.

Disregard fear: We are capable of anything we put our minds too. You never know until you try, but if you don’t try you’re automatically telling yourself no. Why should you not do something just because we’ve been conditioned to think dreaming big is risky?

and lastly

Go with the flow: things are going to come up, it’s how you handle it that makes a difference in your happiness.


All we want is to love and be loved.


Keep Smiling and Stay Fabulous,