Daytona Beach Engagement Photos: Rachelle & Issac

October 26, 2015

Daytona Beach Engagement Photos: Rachelle & Issac

Photographing Rachelle & Issac started out as a small favor for a friend. I have learned over the few years I’ve been photographing weddings that everyone deserves to have their special day photographed no matter what. So when I heard that their photographer canceled last minute, I was more than happy to help! When I first met them it was at my best friends house as the entire family was spending time with each other before the wedding. We chatted a bit, drove over to the wedding location, chatted a little bit more, and planned an engagement shoot the next day as the wedding was the following day.
The next day, of course, time wasn’t on my side. From getting caught in traffic to not being able to find a matching sock everything went wrong that day for me. At least until I arrived at the beach for the sunset shoot. The sun had already passed down the horizon and I was stressing to the max. It wasn’t until I realized the calmness and the loving vibes of Rachelle & Issac.

I love photojournalism because I love telling stories. The story I got from Rachelle & Issac was a traditional love story. Where you lay eyes on someone for the first time and know that they are the one from the beginning.

I got a sense of wholeness from the couple & children. It’s as if they are an equation and without one variable you wouldn’t be able to solve it.

My life motto is Live. Love. Laugh. I was very fortunate to photograph a couple that did exactly that.