Kris & Chris Tampa Portrait Photographers | A lesson on love

October 27, 2016

Kris & Chris Tampa Portrait Photographers | A lesson on love

We decided to meet up at Starbucks in Daytona Beach after a few quick Instagram conversations! (It happened, it finally happened! I made a real life friend through social media! Check on the bucket list!) We talked about how we got into photography and why we do what we love. I asked Kris what made their love so strong. She pondered for a second, and after some careful thought, she said, “He was willing to fight for me. When things got tough he didn’t just give up, and he wouldn’t let me give up… and that shocked me at first, I expected him to give up like other people had, but didn’t he stayed and showed love and compassion. He worked through our ups and downs.”

Her words taught me a valuable lesson about love: It’s not always going to be rainbows and sunshine. There may be disagreements and arguments, but it’s not the end of the world. We can’t just run when things get tough with the ones we love. We can’t just give up because our idea of perfect is suddenly shaken to the core. We have to communicate. We have to listen to understand… not to reply. We have to fight the battles, not against each other, but with each other.

Kris & Chris, in a world where young people across the nation struggle with the concept of love, you are a shining beacon. Your love is glowing in the dark. Thank you for being awesome friends!


Chris on the left, Scout (who can be followed by the IG tag #ScoutAdamsAdventure) in the middle, and Kris on the left.








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