September 14, 2019

Venue3two | The Perfect Venue

How did I fall in love with Venue3two? Well, after many years of photographing weddings, I found myself searching for a sound I haven’t heard before to say the least. I love everything about documenting weddings; however, I feel like the majority of weddings are following the same unofficial script. I am a photographer that loves making bold moves. I encourage my brides to make bold choices from design, color pallet, all the way to venue location. “Who says you can’t have a tropical themed wedding in Michigan?” is among the many bold ideas I’ve had in the past.

This time around, I wanted to curate some inspiration that struck a fine a line between 1950’s elegance and modern wedding style. What do I mean by that? Well, if you could take a look in my brain, you’d see a beautiful mansion: a mansion where you might envision someone in a study drinking cognac and smoking a cigar under the warm hue of the tungsten lights a dark cherry wood. A place where a butler would saber the champagne for the reception. And that’s how Venue3two came to mind.

The Fine Line Between Historical Elegance & Modern Aesthetic

While Venue3two gave us the historical elegance I was looking for, the details of the day would have to be used in such a way to strike a more modern feel. I partnered with the ever amazing Molly Lucille Tiesma to bring a bold modern floral vision to life! The gold anthurium, with featured accents of garden roses and inverted tulips brought the boldness my heart could only dream of. The use of gold trimmed fine china held it’s own standard in elegance, and also continued to incorporate the gold throughout the design. The the thing about elegance is that it speaks for itself without being too loud, so I choose some minimal invitations from Basic Invite to bring the invitation suite together.

All of the pieces together created the ever amazing Aptly Elegant shoot.

Wedding Invitation Suite by Basic Invite and wedding shoes and bouquet by Renee Austin Weddings and Eastern Floral
Renee Austin Wedding dress on a stand and a wedding bouquet by Eastern Floral
Bride sitting in a bridal suite at venue3two in grand rapids
Elegant Grand Rapids Wedding
Grand Rapids Mansion Wedding table decorations
Wedding Table decorations with floral arrangements
Grand Rapids Wedding decorations with fine china
Wedding Table Decorations
Modern Grand Rapids Wedding
Eastern Floral Bouquet by Molly Tiesma
Grand Rapids bride standing outside of venue3two
A modern elegant bride
Grand Rapids bride at venue3two posing with her bouquet
Beloved by Casablanca wedding dress on a bride with a bouquet
Grand Rapids bride sitting on a rock
Grand Rapids bride with her cat
Venue3two Wedding Venvue

Forever grateful to the many wonderful minds helping bring this vision together!

Photography: Sidney Baker-Green

Venue: Venue3two

Florals: Eastern Floral by Molly Tiesma

Dress: Renee Austin Weddings

Invitations: Basic Invite