To Chasing Dreams & New Beginnings

July 15, 2016

To Chasing Dreams & New Beginnings

A wise woman named Marissa once said to me, “have your goals, know what it is you want to do, but allow the path you take to change as needed.” I am terrible at remember quotes and butchered the wording, but I do remember this moment. A moment that came after a fragile private pilot student couldn’t get his landings down. In a moment where I felt like life was falling apart (yes… my landings are that important to me and need to be perfect… also I was sitting next to a badass who I wanted to impress) she brought reassurance.

Till this day her words still stick with me… more so now than ever as I announce this big decisions.


Moving out west has been on my mind for a good year now. As I tried to rationalize staying where I was something just didn’t quite feel… well.. right.

Moving 5 states away at the age of 17 has been by far the best decision of my life. I have grown in ways I thought I never would. My perspective of life and this world has changed.

I will cary the lessons I have learned into this next chapter of my life.

I plan on transferring to the worldwide campus that my university offers. One day I will come back to finish what I started (BS Aeronautical Science)… not because I feel obligated, and quite honestly I can’t say I even like my school. Shizzel, I even know that I could get to where I wanted to be without it. But I want that degree because I love aviation, it sounds cool and that the beauty of choice in this world. but right now it’s time to build and empire.

In the middle of this transition I will be in Michigan! Yes back home for just a hot minute! To catch up with friends and family as it’s been a while since I visited for that purpose.

It’s scary, I must admit, to make another huge move.

If you are making huge decisions and you are scared then you are doing it right.

As long as your happy and on the edge of your comfort zone, then you are playing this game of life correctly. We cannot be afraid to chase our dreams. We cannot be afraid to use our passions in life. We must learn to strive for something that makes us happy. We have to push through the hard days as those are the ones that make us strong.

In the up week I will talk a little more about where I am headed and my plans! So stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to the blog!