Styled Shoot | For The Brides Allergic To Flowers | Daytona Beach & Orlando Wedding Photographer

February 2, 2018

Styled Shoot | For The Brides Allergic To Flowers | Daytona Beach & Orlando Wedding Photographer

When I was born, I was hospitalized for 2 weeks because I had seveare asthma. Often times, with asthma comes sever allergies. Spring & I never quite see eye to eye. If you found yourself here, then you probably know the struggle of allergies. There are tons of brides who are allergic to flowers, and often times, they feel like if they go with fake flowers that it will take away the beauty and authenticity of their wedding day. Knowing this to be false, I set out to create a bouquet that’s under $40 and looks just as beautiful as the real thing! Thus, I created a styled shoot for the brides allergic to flowers!

The take away is simple, fake flowers look just as beautiful in photos as the real deal; and, most importantly, you want to be as comfortable as possible on your wedding day! No one wants to be drowsy from popping Benadryl on their special day!


A spring inspired wood burned invitation suite designed by the always fabulous Marlis D’souza!

Brides allergic to flowers

A bohemian style bouquet created with flowers from Hobby Lobby! ($30! Stay tuned on the blog for the video on how we made it!)

Daytona Beach Wedding Photographer Sidney Baker-Green Styled shoot by Daytona beach wedding photographer Sidney Baker-Green

Plot Twist! They are actually in love! Photographing their wedding in January in California!

Styled Shoot by Orlando Wedding Photographer Sidney Baker-Green for the brides allergic to flowers

“The King of my heart” – Taylor Swift

Styled shoot by Sanford Wedding Photographer Sidney Baker-Green fake flower styled shoot by Sidney Baker-Green Wedding Styled Shoot by Daytona Beach Photographer Sidney Baker-Green


Invitations: Artsy By M

Bouquet: Hobby Lobby