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Rolling With The Punches | Daytona Beach Wedding Photographer

January 10, 2018

Rolling With The Punches | Daytona Beach Wedding Photographer

So there I was, I accomplished a goal that has taken two years: I paid off my balance that I owed to my university. This meant I’d be able to return to school… until I wasn’t.

Let me back track a bit.

As I was going through the processes of getting all the holds cleared from my student account, I was informed that one can’t be removed because I am no longer a student.

I paused for a second confused… “what do you mean?” I asked. “You’re no longer a student at the university, you aren’t even eligible to sign up for classes” the director of the Aero Science department replied. “I have my aid all set up and everything, I’ve even applied for housing: how can this be?” I asked. “You had a two year period to not sign up for classes before you lose student status.”

To be honest this was my biggest fear, and I even asked the university if this would be an issue, and I was assured it wouldn’t; however, there is nothing I can do now except re-apply to the university and hope I get accepted in time. I’m in good standing and have a good GPA, so it’s just a matter of if they process my application before next Wednesday.

For a second I was discouraged, I didn’t even want to workout. I wanted to go to the bar and get a drink ( @ 10am) then go home and sleep. But then I remembered all that I’ve been through. I’ve overcome worse, and the silver lining is that this debt is no longer over my head! It will happen, when it happens!

So what does this mean for my move to Florida? Oh, it’s still happening. I plan on making it down by the end of this week. Is it scary having a plan change (possibly) within a week? Yes. But you don’t grow inside of your comfort zone. If all else fails, I’ll attend next semester for sure, but it’s time I finish what I started!