Kodak Gold 200 Portrait

Lynn | Editorial Film Portraits in Holland MI

December 24, 2020

Oh my blog, how I’ve neglected you! I recently got together with an old friend of mine Lynn, yes we were socially distanced. I wanted to shoot some portraits to rebuild my portfolio as I’ve started shooting film. We met up in Downtown Holland very last minute. I had a session cancel on me just hours before, and I really just wanted to shoot something. Shoot film has really reignited my love for photography as a whole.

I think through the process of starting a business, photography became more and more of a grind. I lost my love for what I did. I focused on quantity over quality. And although some could argue that I take beautiful photos, my work was missing me.

One of the things I don’t think I ever really allowed myself to do was generate my own style. I mean yes, I was the one taking the photos. But I feel like I was emulating those who’s photos I really liked rather than becoming a person I really liked. Does that make sense? Like, I never really allowed myself to get creative with my editing.

I think a large portion of the photos I really like are film based. I love the tones, the aesthetic, and the realness that comes with the medium. The photos were shot on Kodak Gold 200. This was the beginning of this period, that I am still in to be honest, where I try to find film stock I really like! Film stocks that just speak to me if that makes sense.

Kodak Gold 200 Portraits. Girl sittings on the steps, and standing looking to the right
Kodak Gold 200 Portraits with girl sittings on the steps and standing
Kodak gold 200 portraits with girl laying in the bushes and leaning forward with finger on her mouth.
Kodak Gold 200 portaits with girl standing looking to the left and with her fingers on her face.