Happy Friday: give yourself permission

April 9, 2016

Happy Friday: give yourself permission

As a child I have always been a dreamer. Any time I was asked what I wanted to do people were shocked by how bold my answers were. (There must be something strange about a 5th grader wanting to be an Olympian that flies airplanes and travels the world).



As I grew older those dreams became bigger and more defined, but thats when doubt started to creep in.

  • “What if I don’t make it?”
  • “What if I am wasting my time?”
  • “What if all of this is for nothing?”
  • “What will others think if I fail?”


It got to a point where I was never able to start “the race” toward my dreams and goals, not because of my abilities, but because I wasn’t on my own side. I wasn’t cheering me on. And most importantly, I wasn’t giving myself permission. My heart and my mind had two very different ideas of how my ¬†life could play out.

I was sitting around dreaming of happiness, but I never gave myself permission to be happy.

Since then, I have made a conscious choice to live a stress free happy life. A conscious decision to ride out the bumps of life and let nothing stand in the way of my happiness. I started living in the moment, and doing what I loved. I didn’t think I just did. I stopped fearing the what ifs, and decided to simply learn from experiences when things don’t go as expected.

It’s never to late to shoot for the stars, and it’s okay to dream big. You’re the only one that can give yourself permission to follow your dreams. Try it. I dare you.