Stacey & Angel | Grand Rapids Michigan Wedding & Couples Session

January 7, 2017

Stacey & Angel | Grand Rapids Michigan Wedding & Couples Session

The story of high school sweethearts always grabs my heart. Well that’s the story of Stacey & Angel. They met back in high school after stacey came from Mexico in 2013 and from the start they had each others hearts. Angel can make her laugh in a heart beat by just being himself and Stacey smile just puts the snow to shame! Boy was it a blast to be around these two!

Angel used to go to the same church that Stacey went too, and they became friends for two years, and in the summer of 2015, a little spark began to grow into something a little bit bigger when she returned from Mexico after visiting her parents. Angel invited her to his cousin’s wedding where they began to hang out and talk more.

Angel declared his love for Stacey at a Hispanic festival that he invited he invited her to… but she wasn’t so quick to reply. As a matter of fact she didn’t say anything until a month later when she decided she was ready to start a relationship with him. (Rome wasn’t built in a day)

They dated for  One and half years before they decided to start their legacy together. Stacey is studying to become a nurse, an esteemed choice, and Angel wants to join the United States Marine Corps .

They didn’t have a photographer at their wedding ceremony, so we put together a couples session and elopement style shoot. It was a great opportunity for them to enjoy being around each other and have a few laughs. They opted for an adventurous setting, so we picked this discreet little area in the Allegan County Forest. We walked along the old track of snowmobiles venturing deeper into the forest. The snow sat calmly on the rolling hills, the temperature was bearable and the green trees were perfectly perched on the horizon which provided the perfect intimate setting which lead to this magic: