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Master Color Grading In DaVinci Resolve

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Master both the Cinematic, and commercial looks

Learn the "rules," and how to properly break them

Have a way to learn and connect personally with your professor

Have a custom learning experience tailored to you and your style

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There are so many ways to learn color grading on the internet. From hours of content on YouTube to the online course. And don't get me started, It's no secret: there are tons of online courses out there that are ready to take your money; however, pre-recorded content doesn't allow you to ask questions, doesn't allow you get re-explanations, doesn't allow you to work on live examples, and doesn't benefit your unique learning style. 

The Options Are Endless

Broadcast Operations Coordinator at TNT


After the completion of the class, Sidney took me under his wing as my mentor to really help me hone in on my style, and master my craft as a colorist. I can personally attest to the fact that he is truly invested in your success.

"Sidney is truly invested in your success."

The Guest Lounge

Dean Guest

I'm the type of person that loves to use YouTube as an online resource for my learning, and granted there's a lot of use information, but Sidney's course stands above traditional courses. Hands on learning and the ability to take control of his screen to work on grades offers invaluable real-time feedback.

Casual Laid-Back Learning Experience

Clear Cut Social

Tomos Evans

Sidney’s course was invaluable in giving me a much greater understanding into the world of colour grading and how to get the most out of my videos. Having Sidney on hand throughout the course was great help and he was able to answer any of my questions with great detail. He’s also quite funny at times, but don’t tell him I said this.

Completely transformed my Films!


coming to a zoom meeting near you

I'm showing up live every single class just for you. In this one month of training, you will join a live classroom with myself and other students twice a week. You will not only learn the A-Z playbook of color grading in DaVinci Resolve, but gain crucial insider knowledge, have a custom learning experience, and learn how to develop your own personal color grading style.

Gain Pro Level Grading Skills In DaVinci Resolve

Color theory breakdown & "Insider-knowledge"

Beginner to master curriculum 

Two way class room communication

Online live interactive classrom

You'll learn how to masterfully manipulate individual pieces of your image to create a truly organic and fully controllable finish.

advanced workflows

You'll learn insider techniques and workflows used to tackle any post production project thrown at you.

insider knowlege

You'll learn how to use the principles of color theory to create unique looks, and master the "Hollywood" film look.

film look creation

You'll learn the foundations of color theory, and how to apply them to pre-production set design, and your post production finish.

Color Theory

What You'll Learn

Someone who is content using the Standard Picture Profile

Someone who is content with using LUTs

Someone who doesn't want to put in the time.

Someone who wants a one-size fits all downloadable course.

Who it's not for...

Someone who wants to be able to take on any project thrown at them.

Someone who wants to create their own unique color grading style.

Someone who wants real time feedback and the ability to ask questions on the spot.

Someone who wants a hands on learning experience tailored to their learning style.

Who it's for...

online classroom

8/17/2021 - 9/9/2021
Every tue. & thur. @ 2pm est

Augusts Class of SBG's Elite Colorist

Join us for the

Learn what's in the program

Learn the ins and outs of your vector scope, waveform, parades, CIE Chromaticity, and histogram. Then dive head first into node functions, HDR Primary Tools, and the rest of the DaVinci Resolve user interface. 

UI & HDR Primaries

Module One


LOG profiles are a powerful tool; however, if graded incorrectly, your footage can come out worse than a regular profile. LOG footage doesn't have to be complicated. I will walk you through how to reverse engineer any LOG Curve in the field.

Color Correction

Module Two


Perfect skin tones are the most sought after characteristic in color grading. I will be teaching you not only how to edit both black and white skin tones, but also walking you through the foundations of color theory that make up the skin.

Keying & Skin Tones

Module Three


The biggest misconception is that color grading starts in post production; however, good color grading starts in pre-production. We will walk through Color Theory from A-Z and then learn how to apply it on set. This class will change the way you look at movies forever. 

Understanding Color Theory

Module Four


Now that you've got a solid understanding on how to apply color grading on set, we will go through step by step on how to apply our knowledge in DaVinci Resolve by creating looks. And although you'll learn the traditional teal and orange "Hollywood" look, you'll also learn how to create unique looks for every scene.

Creating Looks

Module five


Getting good looking footage is hard enough, but the pain of trying to match cameras has been the bane of existence for many colorist. This module will show you how to seamlessly match any camera your using so that you entire production looks like it was shot on the same camera. 

The ACES Workflow

Module six


Raw footage: your secret weapon as a colorist... when done right. The latitude and freedom found in the high bit rates of raw footage allow us to push our images further. I'll share my top techniques for maximizing every bit of latitude in the industries top raw profiles.

The Raw Workflow

Module Seven


This is it: it's now time to take everything you've learned over the past month and apply it to complex node setups. I'll be teaching you how to control each and every element of your image to achieve truly organic results. After this class, the possibilities you'll have in post will be endless.

Advanced Workflows

Module 8


Words from the Alum

this course changed my style

Dear, Who Productions

This course changed my style completely. Before, I had absolutely no idea how to create a look, let alone work in a brand new NLE. Sidney really made learning in this new software a breeze as long as I did my part and learned the absolute basics of editing and color terminolgy.


So beneficial!

Many King Productions

I consider myself an intermidate in resolve color correction and grading. Sidney's course has shown me techniques that I have never seen before. The course is easy to follow while being real thorough. If you are new to grading in resolve then look no further, Sidney is sure to put you on your path to grading your projects with confidence.


I am a Digital Colorist, lover color theory, and obsessed with helping people reach their fullest potential as a colorist (without having to search through hours of YouTube Tutorials).

I'm a top-ranked color grading instructor on YouTube; however, my favorite days are spent away from platform and working 1 on 1 with my students. Watching new colorist gain a foundation and hone their own personal styles is beats generic color grading tutorials any day.

I'm Sidney Baker- Green

the guy behind the wildly popular color grading course that's chaning the game



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Yes! After the lass class, there is a final exam that will test out your newly acquired skills. After it has been submitted and graded, you'll receive feedback along with your certificate of completion. 

do i get a diploma?

Nope! This isn't like a college class that has a prerequisite knowledge base, because this class is designed to take you from the basics to the most advanced color grading techniques. 

Do i need to know anything before hand?

If you go through a class, and are left confused, then feel free to reach out to me. I will get on a Zoom or FaceTime session with you, and we will work through your questions together until you get it. I am fully invested in your success. 

What if i am confused after a class?

I have you covered. Upon enrolling into the course, you'll have instant access to exclusive downloadable Masterclass. This 8 video course is designed to get you ready to hit the ground running for the live course!

What if my start date is far out?

Yes! As a matter of fact, if a certain month works best, I high recommend that you do! I want you to get the most out of your learning experience without adding stress to your life. Simple shoot me an email after enrolling. 

can i register for a different month?

Hey! Life happens! And since the course and worldwide reach, time-zone difference are a common occurrence. That's why each session is recorded and available for playback. You can hop on a Zoom or FaceTime Session with me to ask any additions questions. 

What if I can't attend live?

don't worry, we have the answers!

You Might have Some questions

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If for whatever reason after the first few class, you feel like you're not learning or growing in DaVinci Resolve, simply shoot an email me or my team, and we will get you a refund. I'll buy SBG Elite Colorist Course back from you.

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